11 Jul 2010


Our search for a bassist was pretty straight forward. We'd like to welcome Gareth Blake to the tkif family.

The addition of Blakey, of course, makes us the tallest band in wales. If we never achieve anything else, at least we got that!

In other news, we have added a couple of shows to the myspace, including a support slot for Proceed next month (August 13th) in Bridgend.

From this point onwards we are booking up shows for October time, practising a set relentlessley which has quite a bit of new material in it and also looking into recording a couple more tracks.

Until we can afford to get some lovely new band photo's taken, enjoy the above image..

23 May 2010

So orhan has decided to leave thekidisfireworks...and we're glad to see the back of him, he was holding us down to be honest. His relentless negative attitude and public masturbation isn't something that we'll miss. There are plenty more half turkish bassists in the sea.

All jokes aside it was an amicable parting, mummy and daddy still both love you and each other very much, don't worry. We've got a couple of friends who want to see if they can hack it in the musical steam roller that is thekidisfireworks so we'll see how that goes. Summer is going to involve a lot of practicing, promoting and saving. Hopefully by the end we'll be back on track with some autumn gigs lined up so watch this space and give a listen to the new track up on the myspace.


22 Oct 2009

here it is then

available from us this Saturday at the pre-fest show. The CD is only a quid even though each one is personally screen printed by our good friend amy, and this is because the actual content of the cd is near worthless.

There will also be tshirts and badges for sale that can be viewed on our merchandise site here

19 Oct 2009

19 May 2009


Wassup peoples... if anyone reads this thing at the moment then you will notice it hasnt been updated much ... so heres some updates;

our first demo 'thrown to lions' is up on our myspace page in its full form now. check it out!

our first show is this thursday at the newly refurbished bar sigma, come watch us rock our sock with the likes of 'Portraits' and 'A Silence Between.' Again, see the myspace for more info on this :)

we have a couple of shows coming up in June and July. The first of which, we support 'Friends Electric' details on this soon. We will be opening the show so make sure you come down nice and early.

On July 20th we have been booked as the main support for 'Paige' check these guys out over at www.myspace.com/paigeuk theyre epic good. this show will also be in sin city and tickets go on sale this week for a measley 4 quid. Message Luc on facebook for tickets. this could sell out pretty fast.

thats about it. Our second demo is nearing completion and is sounding .. well.... big! no date on this yet but im sure ill facebook bomb you all with a load of messages and links nearer the time.

see you this thursday! its gonna be a belter

Luc & TKIF

5 May 2009